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What Is The Difference Between Views And Visitors?

Confused between views and visitors on your website analytics data? It is interesting to understand what happens behind a website, but it gets hard when you can’t figure out the various parameters. Pageviews and page visits are the two most important website tracking measures.

These are the two measures that allow you to determine the popularity of your website. Are you gaining enough visitors to your page? Are you getting enough page views? Doesn’t that sound so much similar? Then what’s the difference? There is a thin line between the two, but that makes all the difference. Let’s figure it out.

What are page views?

A page view or view happens when a page on your website is loaded and reloaded. Every time a page is reloaded, it will add to the page view. It doesn’t matter if the user just clicked the refresh button to load it again or viewed it from an external page like Google.
Views (or Page Views) = Are combined pages shown. E.g. one visitor can visit the Home page, contact page, and about page. That equals three views.

What are visitors?

Page visitors or visitors are the total number of users visiting your website from an external link like Google.
It is much similar to a page visit which is also defined as visits to the website from the external page or website. It counts only unique page views. It treats every user as a single visit no matter how many pages it viewed on your website, unlike page views.
For instance, if a visitor searches for a query on the web browser, the blog from your website comes up as the top result. They click the result and open the blog post on your website. This results in one visitor or one-page visit.

Now, if the visitor chooses to reload it for some reason, it will not be considered a page visit or visitor. However, it would add to the page view.
Furthermore, if the user/visitor doesn’t find the content they were looking for, they return to search results. They scroll down to other results and find another suitable blog (luckily from your website again. They visited your website again to read the blog. Thus will count as another visit/visitor now.
Some analytic tools might count it as the same visitor only if they visited the same site on the same day.

Thus, in short,
Visitors = Amount of people that visited the website. This differs depending on the time frame. For example, if you visit the same site twice in a day, you will only be counted as 1 visitor with some analytic tools.


Pageviews are not that important nowadays. As they do not depict or count the unique visitors to the site. On the other hand, page visitors or page visits are more important as they are unique and reflect the usability of your website more clearly. There can be multiple page views within a single page visit. It only adds to the dwelling rate of the website.