Live Counter Plugin

Enjoy the beautiful WordPress Visitor Counter Plugin for free. Track your live visitors and display it in your sidebar, footer or any widget area you prefer.

Welcome to the ultimate visitor plugin.

We provide real time application for every B2B organization so you can easily track and analyze every visitor’s activity on your website. Our software is a plugin that is suitable for WordPress sites which clearly assists you to generate a WP Live Visitor Counter account.

We understand that most prospects who visit your website hardly fill out a form. In fact, only a little percentage of them bothers to fill the form and this makes it impossible for you to have their data.

Well, you don’t have to worry about that. With Live Visitor Counter for WordPress, we convert anonymous website visitors into original sales leads. This obviously would help you connect faster with potential clients, and place you in a vantage position where you and your sales team will be in total control of every visitor who wants to take an action.

Live Visitor Counter has since creation, helped thousands of B2B companies in effectively managing the data of every visitor on your site.

To further buttress how we serve our clients, it will be appropriate to state more reasons why you can rely on us to offer you real time business solutions as per using our anonymous visitor identification product.


Loyal Partners

Some of our most loyal users are affiliate websites in the casino industry. The Casino websites has been using our plugin to empower the online casino top list on their domains.

Another user in the online casino space is They are operating in several markets and have been using visitor plugin for new casinos in the Finland and some of the old ones.

CasinoRoom is the most trusted site for online casino in India and one of our loyal customers. Live Counter has played a good part in their success since social proof is such a powerful tool. Casino sites work with such large volumes that we like to partner up with those kind of sites.

When downloading our Live Visitor Counter, you stand the chance to gain our detailed contact records such as phone number, names, email address and the physical address.

We are very sure you will find our software for tracking and analyzing customers’ behavior as we also offer a 14 -day Free Trial.

For sure, it is intriguing that our Live Visitor Counter plugin does not require any initial registration for it to work. Instead, you and your team will receive real time notifications while visitors are still on your website. Perhaps you need more clarifications, our support team is always available to attend to you.



  • We determine customers’ intention of buying any product as well as access to organization’s information.
  • We easily identify anonymous visitors to your website
  • We deliver customer’s data analytics directly to your email, while the customer is still engaged on your site.