Statcounter vs. Google Analytics

Google Analytics vs Statcounter

Google Analytics and Statcounter are both popular tools that measure various website metrics. While they are both similar tools designed for web analytics, there are a lot of differences between them too. So how are they different, and which one is suitable for your website? Read on below to find out.

Google Analytics Overview

Google Analytics is perhaps the most widely used web analytics tool since it comes from Google. It’s an excellent application that doesn’t just measure website traffic but offers in-depth analysis of various factors such as traffic sources, bounce rates, goals and conversions, user sessions, and much more.

Here are the pros and cons of Google Analytics:


  • Incredibly powerful analytics tool that measures all necessary website metrics
  • Coming from Google means that it’s a reliable and accurate tool
  • Allows you to set goals and conversions unique to your business or website
  • Since millions of websites use Google Analytics, they have a huge database that you can benchmark your metrics against


  • The dashboard, reports, and other interfaces can be cluttered with a lot of information which can be overwhelming for beginners
  • It has a steep learning curve and may even require taking up a course to master the advanced features of Google Analytics

Statcounter Overview

While not as popular as Google Analytics, Statcounter is still a well-known analytics tool used by millions of websites. It also has impressive features with detailed metrics, insightful reports, and real-time visitor tracking. But where Statcounter has the upper hand is that it is more beginner-friendly with a simple interface.

Here are the pros and cons of Statcounter:


  • Simple and user-friendly analytics tool
  • The customer support at Statcounter is more interactive, with email support for free users and live chat for premium users.
  • Its premium version is a lot cheaper than Google Analytics


  • Its database isn’t as big as Google Analytics, so benchmarking may not be reliable.
  • It may not be suitable for large scale businesses

Google Analytics vs. Statcounter – Which one is better?

When comparing these two web analytics tools, there is no clear winner. Of course, Google Analytics is bigger and better with more features and is used by more websites. But its downside is that it isn’t very user-friendly. To get the best out of Google Analytics, you will need an expert who is well versed with the application. It can be really hard for a beginner to get around Google Analytics.

And that’s where Statcounter triumphs. It is more user-friendly and might be a better choice for startups, and small and medium businesses. You can track your metrics and view detailed analytical reports easily without the help of an expert. And it is easier to get in touch with their customer support. On the other hand, Google Analytics is clearly the better option for large organizations.

Live Counter Visitor Plugin – An Easy Alternative for Tracking Live Visitors

Both Google Analytics and Statcounter are excellent tools for web analytics. But they are third-party applications that you need to set up for your website before you can start tracking. Wouldn’t it be easier if you could view your live visitors right from your WordPress dashboard itself? And that’s exactly what you can do with the Live Counter visitor plugin.

Track visitors to your website in real-time with the Live Counter plugin to get insights into your website performance and make data-driven decisions to increase engagement and conversions.

Statcounter vs. Google Analytics
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