9 Tools to track your Visitor Traffic on WordPress

In today’s digital age, having a website is crucial for businesses of all sizes. But more than just having a website is required. You need to understand who your visitors are and what they are doing on your site. This information is critical in determining the success of your search engine optimization (SEO) and marketing strategies.

Web analytics is the key to unlocking valuable insights into your website traffic. It allows you to track the number of visits, where your visitors are coming from, and their behavior on your site. With this information, you can optimize your WordPress site and increase the chances of conversions.

One of the best things about WordPress is the availability of tools and plugins that make it easy to track your website traffic. From simple plugins that show you the number of visits to more advanced ones that provide detailed visitor behavior analysis, there’s a plugin for every need.

This article will introduce you to the top 9 popular tools for tracking website traffic on your WordPress site. Whether you are a seasoned webmaster or just starting, these tools will help you better understand your website visitors and make informed decisions to improve your website’s performance.

Tool NameFeatures
AFS Analytics
  • Drag and drop canvas for analytics exploration and data visualization
  • Real-time information about visitor behaviors
  • Two real-time reports displayed on dashboard
  • Recovers visitor data from site or Google Search Console account
  • Uses artificial intelligence to identify visitor data
Jetpack by WordPress
  • Important plugin with unique features (image optimization and security)
  • Effective in tracking high-traffic posts and user visit timelines
WP Live Visitor Counter
  • Simple plugin with a general idea of traffic rate
  • Lightweight and fast with one-click install and language variety
  • Monitors page views, location, and has a customizable plugin
WD Google Analytics
  • Provides real-time notifications on site performance
  • Tracks user activities and compares metrics
  • Extracts similar reports on other metrics
  • Offers AdWords and AdSense reports
  • Allows tracking of user interactions (e.g. page visits, time spent, location)
  • Premium version offers AdSense and AdWords tracking, ecommerce reports, and more
Google Analytics by Sumo
  • Provides real-time web analytics
  • Displays Google Analytics right in Sumo dashboard on WordPress account
  • Highlights important stats for tracking visitors and expanding traffic
  • On-page analytics feature gives access to current stats report
  • Intelligently analyzes user engagement with internal and external data
  • Develops closer customer engagement based on user actions
  • Monitors real-time events on website
  • Helps create user retention with notifications across different channels

1). AFS Analytics

This powerful plugin allows you to explore your analytics with a drag and drop canvas feature and data visualizations, even as you’re extracting real-time information about your visitor’s behaviors.

The AFC Web Analytics tool gives you two real -time reports which is being displayed on your dashboard. Apart from letting you monitor current activities on your website, the plugin comes with an algorithm that can recover at that same time. With the help of artificial intelligence, the algorithm identifies the visitor’s data from your site or from your Google Search Console account through an API.

2). Jetpack by WordPress

This tool is one of the most important plugins for your WordPress website. The tool has unique features like image optimization and security. It is also effective in tracking your posts with high traffic as well as timelines of the users’ visit.

3). WP Live Visitor Counter

WP Live Visitor Counter seem to be one of the simplest Plugin in the market. The tool provides you a general idea regarding the rate of traffic on your site. Because the plugin is light -weight, it guarantees reliability, security and it is fast. This WordPress plugin features one -click install, variety of languages, monitoring page views, location as well as a customized plugin.

4). WD Google Analytics

Just like other plugins, WD Google Analytics gives you real time notifications on your site’s performance, track users and their activities, and then compare metrics. In addition to this feat, this plugin allows you to extract similar reports on other metrics as well as offering you with AdWords and AdSense reports. With this plugin, you can design a strategy to track user interactions on your site like the number of pages visited, time spent on the website and the location.

The premium version of this tool offers you features like: tracking and linking your Google AdSense and Google AdWords accounts, six ecommerce tracking reports that relates to sales performance, the time to purchase, transaction identity, category of product, and product SKU.

5). Google Analytics by Sumo

This plugin is very helpful in giving real time web analytics. With it too, you can possibly view your Google Analytics right in the sumo dashboard on your WordPress account. Without searching for the most significant data, Google Analytics by sumo provides you highlights of selected important stats to enable you track visitors and expand your traffic.

One important highlight from sumo that can drive traffic on your website is:

On Page Analytics – it gives only you the access to see your current stats report on your page.

6). MixPanel

The MixPanel tool helps you to intelligently analyze user engagement as you track visitors with both internal and external data. With this, you can develop a continuous closer customer engagement based on the type of action they take all the time.

This plugin is so amazing in that it helps you monitor real -time events that happens on your WordPress website and lets you create that user retention by constantly sending notifications across different channels.

7). Kissmetrics

Rather than looking at the activities on the website, Kissmetrics monitors individual visitors and immediately follow the pages they have visited and the links they clicked on. Kissmetrics will essentially inform you about who is doing what on your website and not just what is happening.

8). Google Analytics by MonsterInsights

This plugin is seen as one of the most commonly used tracking plugins for WordPress sites. It offers you incredible analytic tools and a universal Google Analytics Tracking Code. Additionally, the tool can carry monitor some search results as well as downloads that were carried out, including giving users IP hiding, just to ensure their privacy is protected.

9). ExtraWatch

Normally, this is an optimization plugin but it has performed excellently as a web tool for analyzing traffic. One beautiful thing about this tool is that it has a function that blocks ‘’bad words’’ which energizes your security apparatus by helping you block some unwanted IP addresses. ExtraWatch features options like editing your website directly and gives you stats either on daily or weekly basis, depending on your request.

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